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I've just read the lyrics and listened to my song. It is beautiful Maria and better than I could have ever hoped for. It is something that means so much and is so special to me. As I said, I knew you would do Bess justice and you have! I can't thank you and Paul enough for everything you've done.


- Beautiful Bess (Oct 4, 2011)


Thank you so very much for all you have done for us through your friendship and loving creativity. We have downloaded and listened....a couple of times now... Vegas' song brought tears to our eyes within the first verse.... We love this song, and consider this an honor to have you both create this heart felt and expressive song for Vegas' memory. It's perfect in the way your lyrics include many references to our lives with Vegas. Paul's music and instrumental performances are fantastic. And Maria, your voice really shows you delved deep into the material and brought the emotions to the forefront. With your song, you are helping enormously in keeping Vegas remembered and loved.

Maura & Paul, a.k.a. Zest

- Vegas Nevada (Oct 4, 2011)


Thank you maria and Paul, it is a beautiful song!! We love it!

Chris & Kev

- Celebrate Your Love (Oct 4, 2011)


Hi Maria & Paul,

Joshka’s song is wonderful, so touching and so Joshka!!
You and Paul are so good at what you do, also because you love animals so much!!
Thanks thanks thanks!!!!!
And I hope Joshka’s contribution will do a little good for some dog who is in need: he or she will feel her presence...and that will help also!

I listened to the song this night when I came home and now again reflects her soul who is already here, but it is also a comforting song. More than great!

I wish you and Paul all the success of the world for the dog aid and for yourselves!!

- Joshka (Oct 15, 2011)


Dear Maria & Paul,

Tears!! It's beautiful! Thank you so much. It is a rare gift you have, I love Apollo's song, it says it all and Paul's guitar, as always is great.

Love from Chris



You and Paul are magic makers. You really have got Belle and the music spot on so thank you from the bottom of my heart. I LOVE the line about heavy on the waistline and she has lost 2.4kg this month haha!

Love from Vanessa & Belle xxx

- Belle (Nov 17, 2011)

MaybeStar photo MaybeStar_zps09eb26ef.jpg

Dear Maria and Paul,

I was completely overcome when I first heard the song that you composed for my darling angel Maybe, I couldn’t stop crying... all the memories came rushing back and I felt Maybe very close to me. Your beautiful melody and lyrics have brought Maybe back to life for me, when I listen to the song it is like having her with me again... and even though I miss Maybe terribly, she now lives on in your song, and for that I am eternally grateful.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Best wishes,



- Maybe (Nov 30, 2013)